The Degree Program in General

In the Information Networks Degree Program information society, business and art are combined in a new way. The program educates new kinds of interdisciplinary Bachelors and Masters of Science in Engineering who are able to lead professionals of different fields and operate as a link between the end users and the developers of high technology.

The program gives versatile capabilities to develop new services for the information society. The goal is that the same people could create both technology and content to, for example digital television programs. The basis is usability and users' needs.


In the background of Information Networks Degree Program is the concern about the gap between the developers of information technology and the end users. The developers must understand the users' needs and be able to manufacture products easy enough to use. So far Finnish top know-how of information technology has not been utilized well enough. There is room for improvement for example in commercialization.

The program replies to the challenge with the help of interdisciplinary studies and team work. On top of engineering studies the program includes communications, economics, law, psychology and social science among others. The program is carried out as collaboration of three departments of Helsinki University of Technology - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management and Department of Automation and Systems Technology.

In some of the courses Problem Based Learning method is applied as in Faculty of Medicine. The learning method is based on team work where problems defined by the group itself are comprehensively solved.

Interdisciplinary Studies

The interdisciplinary of the program gives bases for many kinds of professions. After graduation one can set out to become for example an enterpriser in the area of information technology or designer of user interfaces or operate as a scriptwriter, graphic designer or producer in media production depending on the orientation.

Room has been made for interdisciplinary studies leaving out physics. Mathematics is studied as much as in other degree programs in HUT.

During the Bachelor's degree a general basis of knowledge is obtained after which the student can deepen into areas of special interest. The first years' studies include mathematics, information technology, programming, industrial engineering and management, management accounting, marketing, psychology, communications, philosophy and language studies among other things.

Developing the areas of special interest

After finishing the basic studies the area of special interest is chosen. In the Bachelor's degree there are three possibilities in the Information Networks Degree Program: Media Technology, Knowledge Intensive Business and Interaction and Media.

Media Technology focuses on digital media and its application areas including studies on the topics of multimedia tools, hypermedia, computer graphics and usability.

In the Knowledge Intensive Business major students familiarize themselves with digital business environment and business strategy, processes and models in addition to strategic management of organizations.

Interaction and Media gives the basics of perceptual and cognitive psychology, man-machine interaction, usability and digital communication.


Studying in Information Networks requires good skills in either Finnish or Swedish. Basic courses cannot be taken in English!

In order to get more information about the degree program do not hesitate to contact the study counsellor.

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